Adeline Adinoto
Talking about money and investment, there's a lot of option for you to choose. The most common one is investing in bonds and stocks. Beside that, property is one of most enjoyable choice.
What's the different between savings and invesments? The main difference between savings and investments is in it's timeline. Savings usually for a short term purpose and can be withdrawn at any time you like. But investment is for long term effect and have the purpose to increase or double your asset.
In order to make our investment success, there are several tips for you to be considered before you make the decision. The tips are :

  1. Make sure you know the purpose of the investment.
    This is the basic thing and will determine what type of investments you'll choose and for how long.
  2. Learn and get deep understanding about how the investment works.
    Don't just follow your instinct if you dont fully understand yet. Don't be easily manipulated by high return. Remember, what gives high return usually have a high risk too. (High Risk High Return).
  3. Risk profile management.
    For bond and stocks, usually there are financial reports and what the prospects are is given aerlier so you can learn about it first. Don't hesitate to ask your financial advisor about the risk if you take the investment. Savings in banks usually have a very little risk unless the bank is collapsing, and for Indonesia, all the savings is guaranteed by the goverment through LPS with certain terms and condition.
  4. Don't be greedy.
    Many people want to get more after he get what he expected to get from the investment. Don't manipulated by greed so you make a decision that you'll regret it later. Focus on the target you've already set earlier and if you wish, make a new target with toughtfull consideration.
That's the tips from me, hope it will be usefull for considering the right investment for you.
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