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If you are trying to earn money online, then you need to know that you have to have quite a bit of traffic to your site. Without traffic, there can be no money earned. You can pay to get traffic through certain kinds of advertising online, and it is a pretty good thing, but many people have limited advertising budgets and can't afford this option. In this article we want to talk about great free traffic building tools that will allow you to make money online for free. Here are the tips to help get you started

  1. Article Marketing. Probably the most effective way to get traffic to a website for free is article marketing. You can write articles and submit them to article directories and your only investment is the time it takes you to do it. At the end of every article you are allowed to post a resource box, which is basically a classified ad describing a little bit about yourself. In that resource box you want to post a link to your website so people can go and learn more about what you have to offer. Writing articles does not have to be difficult, and you can submit them to the top directories for free. Over a period of time this can begin to develop a very constant stream of traffic, and is one of the best tools for doing it on the Internet today.
  2. Set Up a Blog. Blogging is perhaps the hottest way to get traffic and make money today. You can set up a blog for at, and then began to post comments and articles in it. One step you must take with every blog post is to bookmark it to various social directories. These directories serve as a way for people to read your article, as well as search engine bait where you can rank high for various keywords in the article itself. Mastering this technique can earn you free traffic for many years to come. You make money by including links to products that you sell in your blog articles, as well as monetizing your blog with banners and other forms of advertising. This is two effective great free traffic building tools available to you today. The Internet makes it possible for anyone to make money online for free if they get enough targeted traffic to their website. Although this is a lot of hard work initially, it can pay off for you in the future with a tremendous amount of free targeted traffic.
  3. One Way Link Exchange. Do a search on any major search engine for the words "submit your link" or "submit website". Use any variation of those words to find a lot of places that you can submit your website to. This is a great way to get links back to your website.
  4. Participate in Forums. Get involved in Forums that are related to your area of business. You can use a signature file that will be placed every time you post to the forum. When you join a forum, take the time to read the posts. Don't just start posting anything to get your website on there. You want to make sure that you are being helpful by answering a question. You can also post a question if you want to know an answer to something. Remember to be helpful, and not spam the forum.
  5. Send in Your Testimonial. When you use a product or website, and you like it, take the time to write a testimonial. Send it in to the website owner. Don't just write a testimonial for the sake of getting your website on their site. Make sure that you really like the product or service.
  6. Search Engines. This is another great way to get free traffic. Search Engines love useful and unique content. You also want to make sure that you use keywords throughout your site. If your site is filled with information-packed, keyword-rich unique content, the search engines will be more likely to pick up your site. This is a popular way to get free advertising. The trouble with this free traffic is that it takes a long time to develop it. It can take months for the search engines to index your site and content in the top ten results. Below are a few suggestions you can utilize to assist you getting indexed on the search engines so you can get the free traffic you need. First thing, all you have to do is go to Yahoo, MSN, and Google and actually submit your website to these search engines, and it may take awhile but the search engine spiders will crawl your site and index your site in the search results. You won't probably have high rank yet keyword wise, but you will at least be in the results. Another method is to go to a social bookmarking service and bookmark your website with them, Digg is one example of this. The simplest method by which to do this is making an account for you in the social bookmarking service and then bookmark your website. The social bookmark sites help rank various web pages and news stories online through votes made by users, which search engines pay attention too and consider important, so any websites that are named in these sites get crawled very quickly. When you bookmark your site , it will be indexed by all the main search engines in about 3 days. Another way is to make a SiteMap in which all your pages of your site are listed in a method that allows the search engine view whatever is contained in your website is a good method for getting your website and pages ranked. For Google you need to make your sitemap compatible with their regulations for it, you will optimize the possibility that all your pages of your website will get indexed by the Google search engine. Then you would like to optimize all your web pages with desirable keywords. When you properly theme your web pages each with their own keyword elements, you are more apt to capture a good ranking on those keyword elements. To accomplish this task, you have to have your web page title, Meta keyword list, Meta description, and your content in the body written around the particular keyword you have researched on and desire to the rank with.The secret to this is to select a variety of keywords to get ranked on the relate to your website. Use the main keyword you are trying to get ranked on, on your main page. Then take the other keywords and use one each for your other pages. This gives you a ranking on multiple keywords and makes your site stronger in the search engines.
  7. Use Traffic Exchanges. Using traffic exchanges is an easy way to get free traffic to your site. Sign up with the traffic exchange. Than set up an ad with the traffic exchange. Than you start surfing for credits. Every time you get credits to use, your ad will be shown.

That's the tips I have here, hope it helps you guys to figure out a way to drive free traffic. If you want to read my other post about internet marketing, you can find it here :

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