Adeline Adinoto
Many webmasters and internet marketers alike often complain about been unable to drive traffic to their site. This is understandable because without traffic, your site will not make money. What I want to make clear is this. Getting traffic to your site is not the problem; the problem is getting that traffic to convert to sales.

But, there's something i want to get clear up with this. We can all go out and buy lots of traffic which none of us minds doing if we get a return on our investment. On the other hand, if we do not then we find ourselves in a difficult predicament. That is why in the title I wanted to discuss the difference between quality traffic and traffic that does not convert. So, these are 10 tips to drive converting traffic to your website

Pay Per Click.
This is one of the fastest ways to get traffic to your site. The down side is that is costs money. If your site does nothing to build a relationship with your visitors then I am afraid you will have a hard time making this profitable. You need to be building a list from this traffic and you need to communicate with that list by providing valuable information that they can apply to their needs immediately. Then once they start to see results, they will buy products from you. This is a fact and it has been proven time and again to work.

Article Marketing.
Article marketing is not just about writing articles with links pointed back to your site. When it comes to article marketing you need to have good titles with relevant information that addresses the reader's needs. Then you need to have a link back to a webpage that once again provides relevant information and genuinely helps your visitor to overcome their problem. Once again always be building a list as this enables you to build a relationship with your visitors and from this your traffic will convert to more sales.

Ezine Advertising.
This can prove to be very effective depending upon the ezine you advertise in. Research is critical so as to ensure that the ezine has targeted traffic relevant to your offer and additionally has a large number of readers who trust and respect the ezine that they read. Relevancy is critical here in order to convert traffic to sales.

Search Engine Optimization.
This strategy is a more a long term approach however is it effective. You may see a common pattern evolve relative to all these tips and that is relevancy. Relevancy improves conversion. We don't care about traffic we care about conversions. The good thing with Search Engine Optimization is that your web pages have to be relevant in order to get on the first page of the search results. Search engine traffic is proven to convert at a higher rate than advertised traffic. Being on the first page of Google builds credibility in your visitors mind and credibility converts to sales.

Forums are a wonderful place to research a market and find keywords to advertise with. Beyond that on the forums people discuss various challenges they have relative to any given subject. Your job is to help by providing information that will address their needs. Contribute to the forums in a helpful manner then provide a link on your signature that shows them the details on how best to achieve the result they are looking for. Once again this kind of traffic converts.

Link Sharing.

Sharing your links with other webmasters who have similar content to yours. I know I sound like a parrot but it will benefit all parties concerned if your links are placed on relevant websites with relevant information. You do not see vegetarian foods been advertised in a butchers shop.

Online Video.
This is fast becoming popular. It is said these days that video is being searched online over sixty percent of the time. All you need to do is make a quick video that can either have dramatic or humorous content then display a link to your website where they can learn more.

Web 2.0

Sounds like something out of Star Trek but basically these are sites that provide a social and interactive environment. Set up a page about your self and your interests then have a link back to your site where you go into detail relevant to your described interests. Once again aim to build a list form this traffic that way you will generate more sales.

Classified Advertising.
Once again, this can be tricky but I have a little tip for you that will make all the difference. Set up a US Free Ads account then create a classified add that has 200 hundred characters or more that targets your desired keyword. Look for keywords relevant to your offer that have low competition.

Then put the keyword in the title and sprinkle it throughout the copy. The beauty of this is that not only will you get page views from your add but you will also find your page will get picked up by Google providing you with free search engine traffic.

Press Release.
If you have just build a new site that offers a product or service, get a press release written about it then distribute the press release. Make sure it has your desired keyword in the title and once again spread throughout the copy. This will then get picked up by the search engines but not only that it will also provide relevant links back to your site from various different news outlets online.

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