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So, after you have considered your options and decided you are not in the mood to make a website template, you have decided to take the easy way and purchase one. There are a bazillion sites on the web that have them for sale or free, some are packed in to bundles of different sizes from as few as 10 to bundles in the hundreds. These lovely packs have one thing in common; they all want you to BUY! Sure, you can buy them, but do they come with instruction booklets? I think not. Once you buy them, you are on your own my friend. None of them will tell you how to create your perfect site for your little niche. So how to choose a professional website templates? Here are some tips.

Nicely made does not always mean professional! Moreover, like in the rest of the world, looks are not everything! You will have other concerns like functionality, content and search engine optimization. Make sure the templates you are looking at have everything else that has been mentioned above.
  • Look at the theme of the template you are considering, most have a general theme. The can look great to you. Nevertheless, will your customers love it? Take a couple hours to research colors and how they apply to the sites. Hot Pink says HEY, Blue is cool, think about the presentation and what you want to say to your customers. Notice, how sections are separated and the colors used, how does it grab your attention?

  • A professional website designer uses colors to the advantage of the products and customers they are trying to reach. If the colorful additives on the site are decorative only, it is not a professional site. Snappy colors make the site. They attract the eye to the places that need attention. The colors should show off the theme of the site. Pictures, flash presentation and all the information on the site is optimized for the user. If they take an hour to load then surfers will not stick around for the finished product even if it is totally presentable when fully loaded. What you need is a fast loading, search engine optimized template that makes the customers come back for more!
Therefore, when you are shopping for your template, check carefully and make sure you do your research thoroughly if you are not into making your own. And make sure you are satisfied with it before you publish it to the Internet!
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