Adeline Adinoto
In the world of internet marketing traffic is very important. Although lots of traffic don't guarantee the success of sales but it will be more difficult if your site has so little traffic. So, how to get lots of traffic to your site ? Here is several tips to get lots of free traffic to your site.

There are several ways you can do to get traffic to your site. You can easily pay for it in many site that provide paid link, or you can do it in the free ways. If you have a blog, then you can do what is called "blogwalking". Blogwalking means you go visit others blog, leave a comment there and usually the owner of the blog will visit you back. If you can do this many times a day, this will become one of the free traffic source for your site.

Another way to get free traffic to your site is through pays us to promote links, click links, vote links, share Youtube videos, and many more. in this TrafficNowFire site, we can add free 1 link per day. (1 link is enough if you only have 1 website). After we add our link, the link will be visible in the link list and will be able to be clicked by other member. Because every click is rewarded with points, so your link will be clicked for sure. The points accumulated here can be traded for cash by buying shares. For more detailed information about, you can go here and join to get free traffic for your site.

That's the tips for now, I hope you can get something from this article. See you on the next tips.

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22 Responses
  1. genial Says:

    mereka membayar kita laksana feedburnernya ads gugel kang??? apa gmn???!?! hhhmmm...

  2. walah, klo gado2 mcm punyaku baiknya ga usah mikir mcm kali, lha wong mo nambah postingan aj bikin pecah pala.. kwakwakwakwa...

  3. nice tips bro, maybe i can try latter....

  4. nice blog!!! please visit us, thanks^^ (

    i clicked some google ads for you ^^

  5. lina Says:

    Thanks for the info. I found that many sites offer services to increase our site traffic. I've joined two. I've got dizzy...

  6. Raini Munti Says:

    i need traffic for paid review

  7. kre_thek Says:

    umpp.. i need kamus besar . . hehe..
    undangan terpenuhi.. salam kenal sob.. ^_^

  8. Obing Says:

    Udah jitak balik tuh Sob, buatku juga yah..!!

  9. salam kenal dari kotak komentar kamu... jangan lupa kunjungan baliknya.. ditunggu..!!!

  10. NURA Says:

    salam sobat,,postingannya pk bhs Inggris,,good lah sobat biar di assense sama google.

  11. azarre Says:

    inpo nya nais pisan boss...

  12. NURA Says:

    salam friend,,ok friend tips this blog,,,Im know tips to get of free traffic....thanks.

  13. Dorothy L Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I will definitely check them out!

  14. thank you very much for this very helpful information ^_^
    i will check them out now..

  15. Todd Says:

    Nice Post

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  16. info yg bagus..langsung ke TKP dah..buat uji coba..

  17. Hamster Land Says:

    Hii.. nice to visit your blog.

    Many valuable info...

    Happy blogging!

    Desti - Hamster Land

  18. dewi Says:

    a very interesting article, I would like to have traffic and visitors that tinngi have a lot of baclink, directly to the TKP ...

  19. And that's what I am doing right now... Blog Walking :D

  20. Anonymous Says:

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