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Link exchange is one of the activities in online marketing to promote your website, to gain high rankings, and to drive an insane amount of traffic to your site. In order to accomplish link exchange, you have to patiently look for websites that you can exchange links with. This happens when two relevant websites post the link of one another on each other's site. This is a bit tedious and time-consuming and will require more time and effort before you see the actual results.

Link Exchange Programs are designed to drive more traffic to your site and to avoid the manual way of link building wherein you have to go to a specific directory and submit your site there or contact webmasters and request for a link exchange and after that you still have to check if these sites have a link back to your site. Hours and hours will be spent in this process. Good thing, they have developed the following link exchange programs to minimize the burden and achieve great results in no time.

Link Exchange Experts

This program takes care of the link building problem as they have a custom designed robot to take charge of the task and sooner or later, multiple sites will be pointed to your website. You might want to use their services:

- Offer #1 - Buy Text Links

For a certain amount per month the entire network of websites will be linked to your site. You don't have to install anything and there's no need to link out from your website. The sites that will link to you will be coming from various IP address ranges. You are only two clicks away from the home page of each site and keep in mind that search engines consider one-way links more than reciprocal links, this will result to high rankings as the links get picked up.

- Offer #2 - Free Text Links

Becoming a volunteer member in this link exchange program is absolutely free. It only entails 3 easy steps to join the fastest growing link trade. More websites will link to your site automatically in weeks and you get to receive 200 various reciprocal links.

Be Linked

An automatic link exchange program that allows you to achieve many links to your site in minutes. Your link will appear on many websites if you will be included in their directory. With so many links pointing to your site, search engine crawlers can grasp your site and you will be added to the indices of search engines.

- Be Linked has an established directory that are indexed by Google, with a Google page rank of higher than 1.

- To avoid spam or poor sites, all sites in the directory are manually checked by the link manager.

- After joining the program, your link will immediately appear in the sites included in the directory.

- By using the same list, you can check if the links to your site are placed on all those sites.

You will obtain at least 300 links to your site and will probably increase as they are getting new members. There are two options in this program:

- Option 1 - Free to join. If you want to put a directory on your site then select this option. If the system found the directory at your site, you can add your site to the directory.

- Option 2 - If it's quality one way links that you are after then this option is for you. Don't add the directory to your site anymore, it only costs $9.95 per month, to be a part of the directory. Add your site and pay, your link will be activated.

Simply Linking

It's free to try! One unique feature is the continuous link checker. After exchanging links with a user in this program, the built-in web crawler will continuously check if a particular site is still linked at you, but this is only available to premium members.

- This program has a complete statistics regarding each site that you exchanged with.

- The link exchange process will work after sending a link exchange request through the interface. From there, make a search, choose the sites you would like to exchange with, add to your cart and check out. Just wait for the website to approve the link exchange. Once approved, place the link on your site and enter the URL through the interface.

- You can filter unwanted link requests

- You can turn e-mail notifications off

- If you don't want to be bombarded with emails on your vacation, you can turn it to vacation mode.

- Control websites with just one account

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    link exchange emang berguna buat naikin traffic :D ada cara laen selain link exchange yg efektif nggak? bingung juga nih cara naikin page rank di blog - Join PTCnya dan dapatkan bonus 2x kali lipat !

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