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Blog or Web Log has been the latest fad in the ever developing technology. It started out as a personal journal that could publicly be viewed via the Internet. But blogging has become more than that. Now, it has turned into a money making tool. Just how can you make money using your blogs?

The Blog: Not Just Your Average Journal

Besides sharing your life story with online users, there are numerous ways that you can make money using your blogs. For writing enthusiasts, you can use your blog as a stepping stone in being the author of your own book. For critics, you can use it as a means of expressing your opinions on certain matters. You can even use blogs for online advertising of your work. It has really evolved into a cash cow, generating a lot of income with minimal costs.


Advertising has reached new heights with blogging. You can make a lot of money from advertisers who want to post their ads on your page. The pay varies, depending on your agreement. Most promoters pay by the number of clicks their ad gets from your page. You will earn an amount when one person clicks on their ad. Some will pay you based on your page views. You will get a certain amount of money per view. You'll have a bigger chance of getting this kind of offer if your blog views are shooting up numbers.

Affiliations From Other Sites

Another way to make money is to affiliate your blog with other sites. This is almost similar to advertising wherein you mention a product or service of another company in your writing and provide a shopping link for it. If your readers buy any of these through your sites help, you'll get a commission for the sale.

Product / Service Review

Other companies will pay you for writing a review featuring their product or services. This is, again, a value-added activity for them especially if you are a credible critic. The advertiser would most probably check on your featured article before you post it and the article must stay in your blog for a certain number of days, depending on your agreement. Generally, it takes time to create an influential power over your readers so an opportunity like this doesn't come easy.

Overall, the secret behind profitable blogging is building credibility. You must be able to create vale for your blog to attract more investors and earn money. Make your site entertaining but informative, a bit humorous but smart. With all these in tact, you will surely make a living out of it.

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  1. Jordy02 Says:
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  2. Jordy02 Says:


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  3. arpegya Says:

    emang ngeblog bikin kita dapat duit? wah klo beneran ini bener2 info yang menarik... tapi kita kan harus pasang iklan dulu... baru dapat duit...

  4. tonibanzai Says:

    bener brow dengan memaksimalkan blog kita maka duit bisa kita capai walau dengan perjuangan yang berat

  5. iya sih, ngeblog juga bisa ngasilin duit, tapi agak susah juga ya? ga semudah yang kita bayangin

  6. mukhlis Says:

    Semuanya perlu kerja keras..
    ngga ada yang instan

  7. lusalary Says:

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  8. Hi There.. ;)Good Info, Thamx..

  9. aYaNg Says:

    wahh.... entar d coba degh....

  10. Joko Susilo Says:

    Nice information. Salam ACTION!