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In the world of internet marketing traffic is very important. Although lots of traffic don't guarantee the success of sales but it will be more difficult if your site has so little traffic. So, how to get lots of traffic to your site ? Here is several tips to get lots of free traffic to your site.

There are several ways you can do to get traffic to your site. You can easily pay for it in many site that provide paid link, or you can do it in the free ways. If you have a blog, then you can do what is called "blogwalking". Blogwalking means you go visit others blog, leave a comment there and usually the owner of the blog will visit you back. If you can do this many times a day, this will become one of the free traffic source for your site.

Another way to get free traffic to your site is through pays us to promote links, click links, vote links, share Youtube videos, and many more. in this TrafficNowFire site, we can add free 1 link per day. (1 link is enough if you only have 1 website). After we add our link, the link will be visible in the link list and will be able to be clicked by other member. Because every click is rewarded with points, so your link will be clicked for sure. The points accumulated here can be traded for cash by buying shares. For more detailed information about, you can go here and join to get free traffic for your site.

That's the tips for now, I hope you can get something from this article. See you on the next tips.

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Adeline Adinoto
Ever heard of making money online through sharing video? Have a lot of good videos? Why not share them to make money. Surprising isn't it. Well actually you can really do it. You can share those videos and earn money. That's very easy right? All you need to do is to find video sharing sites that give members enough revenue or money for their great videos.

The following are the list of some revenue earning sites for video sharing. Just read on to know the best sites that will earn you a great deal of money.

Veoh. This is the most popular and the leading site for sharing videos. Although it only occupies the 75th place when it comes to the online ranking; it is a very nice site to choose because of its good quality.

With Veoh you can watch the full episodes of a particular video for free. Even if you are not in the USA, you can still watch videos in Veoh. Now all you need to do is to go to their site, create an account, go to Veoh TV application , then download. Veoh covers any videos, whether its home made or the full length movies. Veoh is a really great site to share videos online.

Metacafe. This is a video sharing site that is closely like Veoh. Their site has a very good design, and the most important of all, it shares revenue for your very own videos. This site can help you make a great deal of money online. All you need to do is to join the so called producer rewards program

Revver. This is a very good video sharing site where you can actually earn money online. They allow the free, unlimited sharing of videos. They have a very unique technology that has the ability to track and monetize the videos that spread on the web. All you need to do is to become a member of their site. When it comes to uploading and sharing videos, the process is very easy.

Revver is a great site for sharing videos. It promises more revenue in the near future. So both you and Revver will benefit. So give it a try.

Spymac. This is another media sharing site that pays a good amount for original videos, short films, and original pictures and even audio files. They share a good amount of revenue for those contributors who are able to give videos with good content.

These are some of the revenue sharing sites for your videos. Don't just put your videos on the rack, upload and share them and make money online.

Adeline Adinoto
Web development is a broad terminology for several activities connected to creating a Web site for the Internet or the World Wide Web. This can consist of web server configuration, client-side coding and server-side coding, web content development, web design, and e-commerce business development.

Though, amongst web experts, "web development" typically refers to the non-design phase of creating a Web site, e.g. writing coding and markup. Web development can vary from creating the easiest static single web page of a plain text to the most intricate web-based social community network services, electronic online businesses, or internet applications.

For larger online businesses, web development departments can employ hundreds of web developers. Web development may be a joint endeavor involving sections rather than the responsibility of one chosen division. Smaller businesses might only need one permanent or contracting webmaster, graphic designer and/or I.T. technician to do the job.

The Industry Of Web Development

By the middle of the 1990's, web development has been among the best ever rising industries in the world. In the year 1995, only less than 1,000 web development businesses were in the United Sates, but by the year 2005 it increased to over 30,000. The web development business is anticipated to increase to over 20% by the end of the year 2010. The expansion of this business is demanded by big and small companies alike who want to sell their products and services to customers and to computerize their business work-flow.

The price of hosting and developing a web site has dramatically dropped through the years. If it cost thousands of dollars in the early years of Web site development, now a simple Web site may cost less than several thousands of dollars, depending on the amount and complexity of the content. Numerous small Web developer professionals and companies are aiding the fair competition in the industry of web development by offering competitive prices.

In so far as the platform and tools for web development is concerned, there are numerous systems that are readily available on the market that are free. A very popular choice is the Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP), which is often distributed for free. This reality alone has evidently made the development of Web sites so popular to a lot of people all throughout the world.

Another factor to consider is the growth of the easy and simple to use what You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Web development software, more commonly referred to as the Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage. The use of this software can virtually make anybody with basic knowledge on web development to create Web pages in just a matter of minutes. Even the know-how of HyperText Markup Language or simply HTML or other programming languages are not needed so much anymore. However, it is still recommended if you are aiming for a more professional end result.

The new generation of tools in Web development uses the technology of Microsoft.NET and LAMP. It simply provides the Web site the ability to run its applications online. With the help of Web developers applications are now delivered as part of a Web sites services, which historically speaking were available only on desktop based computers.

The Security In Web Development

There are a lot of things to account for in Web development, like the checking of errors in data entry through the use of forms and also the sanitation of entered data's in specific fields. Malevolent practices like injection of SQL can be done by users with malicious intention but with limited know-how of Web development as a whole. Also, scripts can be ill-used to permit unofficial access of a hacker to acquire confidential information like passwords, email addresses, as well as protected copyrighted content.

Security is one of the main issues today in developing Web sites simply because these Web sites represent businesses that strive to have safe online transactions on the World Wide Web. It is therefore very important that rigorous testing of Web based applications be done first before it is made available for commercial use.

In this age of technological advancement, many local businesses are trying to keep up with what the Internet can offer them in terms of online marketing. Due to the onset of fair competition in web development small businesses now has the leverage to market their products and services in the same arena where big businesses used to reign.